“Faster!” He grumbled behind me in the lowly lit hallway. I pushed myself harder, as fast as I could with my boots stamping the stone floor. The sound echoed in the corridor as I quite literally ran for my life. My lungs burned as I pressed on harder begging the gods for the end of the tunnel. I almost stumble as I hear the faint sound of metal clang against stone. It had to be Aelfraed as he is surely forfeiting his old life for mine right now. I push the thought far from my mind. I reach the end of the corridor to find yet another tunnel, shrouded in even more darkness. I have to be deep into the bowels of the castle at this point. There’s no way anyone would dare follow me this far into the unknown. I pause for just a moment, biting my lip to slow my heavy breathing, hearing the scuff of heels against stone as my pursuers progress.

I have to get out, is the only thought that passes my mind as I plunge myself into darkness.