I looked for you in the
thousands of men
on my Tindr account.

You waited for me
in the booth
at that Cincinnati Red Robin.

I told you all about
how the man I dated
before you destroyed

He had carefully pulled
my heart apart, piece by piece,
and then told me
“I don’t love you…

I never have.”

How those 7 little words
have been written in
my veins,
etched into my bones,
scribbled on my heart.

You promised
to be better,
to never betray me
to never make me cry.

You promised…



…you promised

None of that mattered
when you were talking
to them online
while you watched me
strip for you.

None of that mattered
when you asked me
to suck your cock
after you had sent a picture
of it to them.

none of it matters.